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Looking for the a way to enhance and improve your business while saving money. Toshiba has the answer with the high-performance integrated IP architecture...

With the IP edge Advantageipedge-phone-side-sharp

  • Single Server Simplicity
  • Designed for Performance
  • Endpoints to Meet Every Need
  • Unified Communications
  • Management Tools Made Easy

Toshiba's IP edge offers three models designed to keep you connected to your customers, employees and vendors.  We know that communication is the key for any business' success. IP edge brings the architecture for unified messaging applications, centralized management, mobility, mulitple sites integration and more, so efficiently it maximizes your investment and minimizes your cost of ownership.

CIX 1200    CIX 670   CIX 100   CIX 40    VoIP    Networking

Teleco is the nation's leading distributor of Toshiba phone products.  Toshiba offers systems from 4 lines to 1200+ total ports; a well established industry record and proven dependability make Teleco/Toshiba an excellent choice for any business.

cix100The CIX series of Teleco/Toshiba products allows almost any configuration of lines, stations and peripheral equipment.  The CIX blended family of products offers modular growth through it's "building block" design.   Expand your system and take advantage of the many features on this dependable converged digital/IP phone system.

The CIX system can accommodate 4 lines and 8 telephones in its smallest configuration.  It can cix40grow from as small as 4 lines  and 8 phones to as large as 1200+ ports.  So whatever your company size may be, Toshiba can handle the call.

CIX solutions, now and for the future...

  •  Voice over Internet Protocol  (VoIP) phones and networks  
    • Strata Net networking of up to 128 nodes via IP or ISDN PRI.
    • IP phones include:  full-duplex speakerphone,  10 or 20 programmable buttons and 4-line x 24-character Backlit LCD with contrast adjustment.
    • SoftIPT® soft phone client on laptop or tablet PC via Wi-Fi Wireless LAN or Internet. SoftIPT soft phone client on PDA via Wi-Fi Wireless LAN or Internet.
      • 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet compliant.
        Gigabit Ethernet switch for PC connection to your IP Network. 
        802.1Q Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) compliant.
  • Digital phones come in a variety of models which may include:  Speakerphone, 2 to 4 line with or without backlit LCD display, 1 to 20 programmable buttons
  • Converged telephony products gives you the convenience of digital functionality along with the lastest IP technology.
  •  System Administration
    • Browser-based unifi ed administration of PBX and voice mail functions. 
    • Network eManager® centralized installation/maintenance of all Strata CIX systems for technicians and administrators.
    • eMonitor monitoring of alarm conditions from multiple Strata CIX systems.
    • My Phone Manager® personal administration for individual users.
    • Traffic measurement reports stored on local SD fl ash memory card.
  •   Supports Trunk capabilities: 
    • Analog: Loop or ground start, DID, E&M
    • Digital: T1, ISDN PRI and BRI
    • IP: Strata Net IP Networking, SIP Trunking
    • E911: CAMA and ISDN PRI 
  • Analog device compatibility
  •  Attendant answering options:
    • Consoles modules that add 10 to 60 extra programmable buttons
    • Strata IP and PC Attendant Consoles
  •  Over 300 standard telephony features to provide the functionality you need.
  • Add valuable options like Voice Mail/Auto Attendant, Unified Messaging, Fax Integration, Automated Speech Recognition, Text-To-Speech, Interactive Voice Response, Automatic Call Distribution and Reporting, Uniform Call Distribution, Voice Over IP, Strata Net multiple system networking, Info Manager® Web-based telephone applications, FeatureFlex adaptability/customization tools, centralized network SMDR, and more.
  •  Toshiba - the choice is perfectly clear:
    • Ability to expand at will, migrate without worries
    • Nationwide Authorized Dealer Network
    • Industry-leading National Account Program
    • Value Plus Extended Warranty Program with 5 year or 7 year options

   Take a TOSHIBA phone tour now. 

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