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Star2Star provides the latest solution for the business world today. It is designed to bring the phone system and service together to provide a uniquely rich set of features and quality your business needs and deserves.

Let us tell you about our newest product.· It will revolutionize your business and bring all your locations "under one roof."· This unique product will give you the flexability,·security and mobility·you need for today's current businesses.

Not only does this offer your office new phones and features, it will allow you to save money on your monthly service bills from your dialtone provider(s).

The StarBox is a highly-reliable, solid-state, fanless on-premise PBX. 

* Up to 250 Users (Starbox 2200)

* Up to 10 users (Starbox Lite)

* Works with DSL, Cable, T1 or Fiber connections

* Industry-leading Features

* Monitored Around the Clock

Whether you are using a cable, DSL, T1, or Fiber Internet connection, these systems provide powerful and calling features, unlimited voice mail, extensive interactive voice menus, ring groups and call queues.  Our service center monitors your phone system 24/7/365 to ensure the reliability your company needs to stay connected with your customers.

Take control of how your system works

The StarBox offers hundreds of features, including many exclusive and upgraded capabilities. One of the most popular features is Star2Star's advanced version of call forwarding called Find-Me/Follow-Me. With this feature, your office phone can ring at branch locations while simultaneously ringing your cell phone, home phone or even a laptop softphone.

The Star2Star web-based settings menu allows you to quickly build multi-layer automated attendant menus and to set up ring groups, customer service queues, paging, and music on hold. Extensions can be configured to allow or prohibit certain activities such as international calling or outbound calling. Users can set up their own speed dials, call forwarding, find-me/follow-me, voice mail options, and call blocking. The latest company directory is always just a click away as a printout. We can even have your greeting messges and voice prompts professionally recorded if you wish.

Star 2 Star offers phones from 3 different manufacturers in order to give you the opportunity to create the perfect match of phone styles and price ranges.  You can mix and match from Cisco, Polycom and snom phones in order to fit your needs for the applications of your company.


To see more available phones from each vendor click the logo below:

Cisco-small  polycom_logo_msmall  snom_logo


Click here for more details and please request a quote.

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